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PlanB village project

What is PlanB village?

PlanB village is a project dedicated to integrate orphans, single mothers and desperate people into the society. It is a project which started 2 years ago. During this period were analyzed the needs of these social groups. After many discussions and preparations the project is ready to be launched. As Bulgarians are poor, they think mainly only for their food and shelter. I want to change this and to open their eyes for the world. That is how the PlanB village project was born. It is a self-sufficient system which will guarantee the food and the shelter and will leave time for education. Once people are educated they will open their eyes for others and for the beauty of the world.


Description of the problem

Many people are not accepted into the society due to their origins (minorities), social status (single mothers, orphans) or due to economic criteria (homeless). As they are ignored by others, these people start to feel alone and are easy target for drugs, alcohol, prostitution, crimes and human traffic.


What are people needs?

It has been analyzed that to be able to help people we need to put in place a 3 component system: shelter, education and income. People have to have a place to sleep, have to be trained to live into the society, to learn new skills and to receive remuneration. It is easy to say but unfortunately not so easy to be done. 

PlanB village project in details

-          The first stage

In this stage we need to purchase 5`000 square meters of land in Bulgaria to form a small village. On this plot will be constructed at least 10 small houses (up to 60 sq.m. each). They will be dedicated for homeless people or people in difficulty to leave inside. Each house will have its own garden of 440 sq. m which is enough to garden its own vegetables.

-          The second stage

In this stage we need the purchase at least 10`000 square meters of fertile land and a small tractor. The land will be labored by the PlanB village inhabitants. It will guarantee the food needed all year long. The surplus will be sold and the income will be used for improvement of the village – reconstructions, clothes, education…


-          The third stage

In this stage we plan to construct a small  hotel in a touristic region of Bulgaria which is not far from the PlanB village. This place will be used for wealthy guests who will pay their stay and consummation. Fruits and vegetables will come mainly from the PlanB village plantations. Members of the village will work in the hotel and will receive remuneration.  All raised funds will be used for the good of the PlanB village.

The hotel will be used also as a main place to sell products from PlanB village – jams, fruits, vegetables, cheese, paintings, souvenirs and many others. The hotel will be ecological and all foods and beverages will be healthy and homemade.


To put in place all three stages will take at least five years from the purchase of the first 5`000 square meters of land. The first houses are expected to be built during the second year of the project and the first inhabitants of PlanB village will be welcomed.


Eligible citizens in PlanB village :

-          Lonely mothers with small children

-          Orphans

-          Homeless people

-          Everyone else


What will not be accepted in the PlanB village :

-          Use of drugs

-          Use of alcohol

-          Aggressive behavior

-          Non-respect towards others


Why the village is called PlanB ?

I have chosen this name only due to one reason – these people do not have other choice. If we do not help them they will not have a plan B. As we are their only hope I have decided to name it PlanB.


Value added of the PlanB village

Everyone who is living in the PlanB village will have the possibility to share his knowledge with others and to learn new skills. PlanB village will have sport facilities for different sports. There will be a dedicated place where women (and not only) could learn how to sew and how to cook. Everyone who is interested will be able to learn IT, software development or how to use new technologies. People will also learn traditional Bulgarian crafts.

On a daily basis everyone will be involved in the PlanB village life. It is important to know that this is not a hotel but a place where everyone must help.

All children will have to visit kinder garden or school (depending of their age). Their daily education will continue in the PlanB village with the help of dedicated members.


Financing of PlanB village

The financial part is always the hardest one for each project. To finance the PlanB village construction I will count on personal savings, sponsors (mainly to purchase the land), EU financing programs (mainly for the houses and the hotel construction), non-profit organizations (for the daily life and education), volunteers (for the construction and maintenance) and on GOD (for luck).


How can you help?

-          You can spread the news about PlanB village among your friends

-          You can help by volunteering in the construction and maintenance of PlanB village

-          You can donate funds to help us make possible the project

-          You can purchase some of the PlanB village products

-          You can send us ideas how to improve the project

-          You can help us finance the project by organizing charity bazars in your area

-          You can pray for us


As you can see there are many ways to help us. Please do it. Many people will be grateful for your support. I am one of them. Thanks.


Little info about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated on the Balkans peninsula and is 110`000 square km. The population is around 7,5 million. It has a unique geography which is suitable for mountaineering (7 mountains), beach holidays (Black sea) and travel to origins (tourism in traditional villages).

Unfortunately Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU. The minimal salary is EUR 150 /USD 200 per month. The majority of people are living beneath the poverty threshold.  As the state is poor it does not have enough funds for integration and education programs.


Little info about myself
My name is Deyan. I am native Bulgarian, 29 years old, well educated, married with two children. I had the chance to travel the world and to meet many interesting people from various cultures. I like to be in the wild and to preserve the nature. I have worked on many social projects and am persuaded that people behavior can be changed through education. As Bulgarians are poor, they think mainly only for food and shelter and forget about other important things in life. I want to change this and give a brighter future for my children.

Monday, 22 April 2013